Monday, June 12, 2006

World Cup

I've hit a snag in the Knitting World Cup. I can't watch the games and knit my project at the same time. I'm an excellent multitasker, generally function better with at least two things going (right now I'm in the middle of cleaning my room, reorganizing the furniture so both my knitting machine and keyboard will fit simultaneously, combing Jamie's fleece, spinning the roving, eating, listening to the CD of a painter I met in SF and writing). I usually can easily knit while holding a conversation, reading a book, listening to a lecture or watching TV. But my lace yarn is too fine to knit by touch (I can't feel it). And too much happens in soccer to take your eyes off the game (it's bad enough the cameras swoop in and out to focus on the player's hair billowing in the breeze rather than letting us see the field grrr). My little circular shawl is all of three inches in diameter, and most of that was done this morning while waiting to see if my roommate would wake up to go to the gym with me. So I've concluded that I need a different project to do during the games because my fingers are going crazy not being able to do anything. Won't be ditching the shawl though; I'll continue to work on it in between games and hopefully finish it by the end of the World Cup. Finally getting a hang of my handmade brass knitting needles...made some polymer clay caps to keep the needles from dropping out of the knitting and everything is working swimmingly.

I wound some handspun into balls during the US/Czech and Ghana/Italy games today. But hopefully by tomorrow I'll have enough of Jamie's wool spun up to start a project...the diagonal twist princess seam jacket from Loop-d-Loop. I figured as long as I bothered buying the book, I might as well do at least one of the patterns. Back to cleaning/spinning/etceteraing for now.

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