Monday, August 21, 2006


First of all, I'm feeling a little sheepish because I guess something changed about the Blogger interface, and at any rate, when it logged me in, it took me straight to a bunch of comments starting back in April that I never knew existed. So sorry if I didn't answer any queries.

More excitingly, the silkworm moths have been emerging all week. There seems to be rather skewed gender ratio, the rather horny males vastly outnumbering the females. This has led to much frustration amongst the boys, and mad flapping of the wings to try to get in on the action. The moths can't fly although there are a couple males who can whiz an inch or two. The males are wandering a bit though, so my roommates have been warned to step carefully. Here's a male; he's a couple of days old and you can see how his wings are a bit tattered from the frenetic flapping, but he's still beautiful and velvety.

I was relieved this morning to find that some of the moths on the glass sculpture have begun to emerge. I was worried they got too hot the morning after the show when I slept in and forgot they were still in the car. Here's one of the males on the sculpture.

And another cute critter pic from Golden Gate Park where Quenby and I met up with Bess for a picnic and lots of tromping, then a quick visit with Marcus, Matt and Nakona.

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Crow Calling Woman said...

Hey there! Thanks for the comment on me blog. I have pictures of my silkworms (both chinese and polythemus) on my flickr feed at:
I've only got a few entries on my blogger about them. Take care!