Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Finished objects

Yesterday I was very proud of myself. Made a new music stand for my keyboard, start to finish in one day. My second welded item. It's a little big (I wanted it to hold more) and a little heavy (um, maybe 1/4" steel rod wasn't the lightest choice), but it's done and hopefully when I get it home tonight it'll fit on the keyboard just right and I'll be ready for our gig tomorrow. A guy has rented out a small restaurant in SF to propose to his girlfriend and hired a jazz trio to set a romantic mood. Our usual guitarists couldn't make it so I'll get to play with my old guitarist Ross instead. Hopefully Ross is not too disapppointed that we're not playing "(I Don't Stand a) Ghost of Chance (with You)"

Also I finally have pics of my glass/metal/wood sculpture with different glass objects because I haven't quite decided which one to use.

And some sheep knitting needles.

And the long suffering shadow weave something. It's off the loom finally, although I probably should have finished the edges before taking it off, because once something's off the loom, I don't have a huge interest in the finishing touches.

Meanwhile, for a future project, I got a pygora fleece and a mohair fleece from a farm in Ontario. Very cheap fiber, very soft and also very dirty and will be very time-consuming to process. I do like hand-processing though. The mohair fleece is a female yearling; her fleece is very fine, with nice crimp but not very well-defined locks. She seems to have some thicker guard hairs mixed in which I didn't know happened in angora goats. The pygora fleece is from an F1 2 year old buck (and the smell proves it). His dad was the angora and mom was the pygmy goat, and I feel sorry for mom, because this is a big goat. His fleece is very mohair-like in most places except it has quite a bit of guard hairs and there are some areas that are more cashmere-like. Here's a pic of the stinky boy hair. It'll be lovely when it's processed but even after one wash, it's still quite odorous.

Finally, Meep wanted the camera to pet him.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to blog! I have really enjoyed seeing some of your work.