Sunday, October 01, 2006

Not fine literature but there's lots of pictures

My spinning roving swap partner Loribird sent me three colors of alpaca: dark brown, light brown and cream. I blended them to get a gradient of colors and spun them up into eight skeins.

Then I knitted up the pattern Madge from Knittyspin, just in time for fall.

Meanwhile, I finished spinning this roving:

into yarn for armwarmers for me. I know I have other people to make things for, never mind making things to sell, but I fell in love with this roving when I dyed it so it's mine.

And for more me me me, I went to an estate sale and treated myself to a couple kgs of linen for weaving and some Keeshond fur for spinning. Haven't done much with linen before besides spinning up some flax roving, but it can be such nice material that I figured I might as well start. The thicker linen yarn I got will be good for kitchen towels and such.

More pictures--fiber I dyed and sent off last week for some fiber exchanges.
kid mohair locks
mohair roving
blue-faced leicester wool

And evidence of how dirty Camryn was (been meaning to finish dyeing her yearling mohair fleece for my friend Mel, but the picking is so tedious that I finally decided to just wash it, dye it, and let her pick through the dyed locks...)

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loribird said...

And all I did all weekend was go to a fiber expo in Anchorage!
I love the hand-dyed roving - absoulutely beautiful - and you know I'm so glad you liked you alpaca!!!