Thursday, November 15, 2007

Portland 2

Aaron and I treated ourselves to a short trip to Portland this weekend. Amazingly (for us), we were off to the airport early enough to catch the sunrise as well as our flight.

Despite forecasts of rain, Portland disappointed the rain-starved Oregon boy on his return to the cloudy land. It smelled sweet and moist like recent rain but the weather was decidedly sunny and beautiful.

Ok, there were some clouds, but no rain during the day until our last day, and even then it was only a mild drizzle.
There was enough wind on Monday to keep the sky tram from running during the day, but the wind died down in the evening and we were able to take the tram up to Oregon Health Sciences University and look over the city.
Since biking can be dangerous
we kept ourselves busy walking, browsing through the Saturday market craft fair and eating eating eating a passel of tasties. It was a great mix of metropolitan with the promise of many nearby outdoor adventures though we only got as far as Forest Park.

Quite a wonderful weekend away. And the cats seemed to have relaxed with their gargantuan bowl of food though they were a little reluctant to share the bed after enjoying sprawling without any restless legs to push them off. That's the nice thing about the floor. Lots of sprawl space.

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