Monday, June 23, 2008


My biggest problem with Davis is the heat. I melt and whine heartily while doing so. Luckily Saturday I finished work early enough to join my friends in an escape to nearby Capay Valley.

We packed into Aaron's car and drove out to Bear Creek. The water was fairly shallow, though there were a few nice deep and cool pools. The little fish seemed to enjoy nibbling at my toes. We cooled off in the water and sunned on the rocks for a while before heading back to the car and backtracking a little to the confluence of Bear Creek and Cache Creek. Cache Creek was flowing a lot stronger and we settled on a place with a little beach and a lot of water.

By the time we arrived, there weren't too many rafters, just this group of latecomers.
My swimming skills have apparently atrophied from disuse as I found it a lot more difficult to swim upstream than I'd expected. Luckily it was shallow enough to stand almost everywhere. Though her dad was a bit worried that she'd get swept over the rapids, Hudson the dog did fine too. She and Tad even shared a stick.

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