Friday, December 11, 2009


Sadly I haven't been playing as much music as I used to. I've kind of drifted away from my former life goal to find the perfect bassist and drummer. But recently I got to jam again and have caught the music bug again. Actually got out of the house to hear some live music including Wyatt of Miss Lonelyhearts at the Irish Pub in Winters. I bugged my friend John into jamming with me after work on Monday, so we made plans to make pizza and noise.

Work never ends as early as it's supposed to, so we got a late start with the pizza-making. I had the other half of some sourdough wheat walnut dough that I'd baked a few days earlier, which I figured would make good pizza crust. Unfortunately, I'd put so much ground walnuts in that it didn't hold together well when thin, though it was a beautiful purple color. Over Deschutes Green Lakes Ale and spiced spiked apple cider courtesy of Nora, we decided to make the first pizza a deep dish pizza. John pre-cooked the fillings...onions, mushrooms, garlic and bell peppers. We heated oil in a cast iron skillet and fitted the crust in to brown. Cheese followed, then fillings then more cheese and tomato sauce (mixed with more cheese). Sprinkled parmesan on top and baked for a very very long time.

Meanwhile, we prepared a thin crust pizza. John made a magnificent herbes de provence garlicky white sauce and we combined olives and marinated artichokes and thin sliced red onions on the crust with more cheese (naturally) and the sauce.

Deep dish uncut:
A slice:
The thin crust:
Unfortunately, we ate at 11:30 and never got around to playing.
And following the theme of cats sleeping on guys:

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