Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fort Ord

After some nice full weeks in Davis, I finally made it back to Spreckels. Early morning train rides are much better with croissants and to ensure a good ride, I got both a chocolate croissant and an almond croissant from Village Bakery. Decadence.

Aaron picked me up from the train station and after a lunch of pupusas, lobster bisque and sanddabs, he decided to play hooky from work and enjoy the afternoon with me. After working in the garden for a bit, we went to Fort Ord for a short hike.

The soil scientist couldn't resist examining the abrupt transition between the topsoil and the clay layer underneath.
The trees were beautiful.
But what really interested us were the mushrooms underneath.
An agaricusAnd an amanitaSee the volva and the eggs.Lots of the mushrooms were in pretty rough shape, but this was impressive. And lots of maggots!There were plenty of other interesting things as well.

shooting stars

wild cucumber


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