Friday, October 14, 2011

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

The day after Lambtown, I hitched a ride with my friend Sarah and her dog Punky to San Francisco for Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. We succeeded in leaving nice and early and spent the whole day relaxing and enjoying good music and company. The musical highlight for me was Edgar Meyer, Bela Fleck and Zakir Hussein.

Sarah and I both erred on the side of bringing extra food so we enjoyed a feast of bread and cheese and tomatoes/basil/olive oil/garlic and vegetarian steamed buns and wine.

Punky made friends easily and attracted the attention of Chris and Sierra who joined us with their dog Fonz (short for Fonzarelli). Since Punk's full name is Punky Brewster, it was only fitting they should find each other.

Chris and Punky enjoyed meeting each other.

As always, the festival was pretty crowded.
At the Dvotchka show, people were hanging out in the trees to get a good view while other just hung out under them.
This dog was having a pretty relaxed time.

I was a bit surprised how relatively easy it was to find people--the magic of cell phones. Spencer found us first.

Then we met up with Michelle and Tom.

And finally I found Abby for the Emmylou Harris set.

We were relatively close but we still had to do some maneuvering to see over the tall folks in front of us since everyone was standing.Fun day of music followed up by dinner at a pho shop. Good times.

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