Tuesday, January 17, 2006

From the silence of the last couple weeks, one might infer that no squash was eaten. Not true! There was roasted squash in veggie sushi rolls, sweetened spiced squash as a side/topping to sweet potato filled sourdough pockets, squash in dal and squash pie. Mmmm...especially as my stomach is growling because I'm doing a sort of two day fast...just raw veggies today then only fruit juice tomorrow. So no squash today :(

As for textiles, I'm almost done spinning up the last batch of painted roving I dyed at Sabrina's in Oakland and my natural-dyed hat is nearing its completion as well. After agonizing over what pattern to follow or adapt to create a hat worthy of the complex neural highways of its future wearer, I decided to just start from the top down, sans pattern or prescripted notions and see where it would go. The copper green start radiated down into eight spiral arms, splitting at will, with the base color slowly drifting from brassy gold (hollyhock and copper) to deep muted brown (walnut and iron. Then the copper green veins arranged themselves evenly around the hat and devolved into lichen yellow stripes on a tan-green olive background, ending with brassy gold yellow stipes on a copper green background. Now I'm knitting a bill to be wet felted and added to the hat. I suspect some needle felting may be involved as well.

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nakona said...

hey you crazy woahman. it brought me tears to see that no one has commented on your frivolity, strangeness, and altogether mindboggling display of fervent foment. as i attempted to verbally/con-textually hairyass you, i was informed i had to sign up as a blogger. shit. now im sucked in. fooey.