Monday, March 27, 2006


My newly dyed green yarn and I went to Arcata this weekend.
The plan was to see the area, and perhaps, inspired, Greens would get together with Plymouth's 3ply. However, the plying was slower than expected as once again mixing me with four different sticks holding yarn provided hours of merry entanglement. I guess if I'm going to be impatient and make thin singles for plying on my drop spindle, I should make myself a lazy kate for the spindles. At any rate, spinning in public proved a good conversation starter at the jazz festival (everyone seemed fascinated that I was using an aol cd), and I managed to get a few dances out of it while still making good progress on some earthy orange browns.
What else? Aided the local economy through purchases at a used bookstore (including two Chitra Divakaruni books--her novel, The Mistress of Spices is one of my favorites) and bead store (two stone donuts for drop-spindle whorls). Started sewing a camera case:

And went to the beach and met a couple climbers who let me borrow some shoes and a harness and go up a route.

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