Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Baby pics

Woke up this morning to find almost all of the eggs had hatched. Hungry little buggers. You can see the openings where they came out of the eggs. And they're producing a lot of poop which hopefully means they're eating well. I'm a little paranoid after reading raising instructions that say the newborn silkworms are too weak to move from leaf to leaf. These guys seem to get around ok, but I'm not sure if it's better to tickle torture them with a paintbrush trying to pick them off the dessicated leaves and put them on the new leaves or let them figure it out for themselves.

Meanwhile, two good matches (too good for much knitting) and skeined up some more alpaca for the shawl and started spinning some of Plymouth's fleece again (light brown alpaca)...may have lost those armwarmers I've been working on for Bishop, or at least I can't remember where I put them last. But I have an idea for some that I think he'll like if I can get the colors right. I'm spinning the alpaca fairly fine and from the fold...I think it'll be faster to spin thinner and ply than to torture myself with trying to spin thick singles with fine unprepared alpaca. And yesterday I finished spinning the yarn for my second knee high sock and started machine knitting it...today I'm on the calves...almost there.

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