Wednesday, July 05, 2006

trying to be good

Yesterday's Italy/Germany game was beautiful and today's game wasn't too shabby either, but my knitting World Cup project is starting to worry me. Can't really stretch it out to see how big it is, but each of the eight sections can be stretched across one of the double pointed needles which would make the circumference 64 inches which if my memory serves me, would make the diameter 20 inches. It certainly doesn't look like 20 inches, more like 14 or so, but who knows. However, seeing as I'm aiming for a diameter of 36 inches and Italy is playing France on Sunday...slight panic mode today. Spent the afternoon spinning up more fine alpaca singles on the charkha. For some odd reason, thought I'd be most productive at the Craft Center, but forgot that that's the best place to go if I'm craving conversation. Took all afternoon and part of the evening spinning lots of yardage, which fine as it was, promptly got stuck on the overfilled bobbin as I tried to wind it into a skein. So finally finished skeining at 9, decided to be a good spinner and set the yarn rather than just wind it into a ball (the Craft Center's ball winder being part of the incentive for working there) and moped on home. Four days left and I won't be able to work on the shawl until tomorrow afternoon. Then there's that weaving project from last quarter I still haven't finished.

On a less self-pitying mode, I had a fantastic day yesterday. Ended with a BBQ with fantastic people and food and good times, and started with a phone call that Karin and her new kids were outside the house. Hadn't seen Karin in a while so it was wonderful to visit with her and so fun to finally meet some pygora goats. In case I haven't already bored you with the merits of pygoras, they are pygmy and angora goat crosses with fleeces somewhere between angora and cashmere. They are purported to have fantastic personalities and I've been mildly obsessing over them for the past few years without having ever met one. (Some people have their rock stars or movie stars, I have my goats.) Cricket was a bit shy, but Payday was happy to pose.

Oh, and the silkworms are growing nicely:

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Star said...

Those pygoras are SO cute! Do you think they'd like living in an apartment? ;)