Monday, June 05, 2006

cats and other distractions

I've been madly meditatively spinning some raw baby alpaca fleece I got off ebay a while back. So soft it melts my fingertips. Or maybe that smooth sensation is all the tiny particles of dirt working into my creases. I'm spinning a super fine yarn which will as a two-ply be used for some super fine lace. I've been thinking about doing a ring shawl for a while, though I'm not sure if I'm spinning fine enough for that plus I have no earthly use for a shawl, but it would be a good challenge. Could work on designing in lace. Vaguely thinking of doing this as my project for the Knitting World Cup which also makes little sense in that I don't have a TV and am unlikely to get to the bar to catch many games, but I like reasons for doing things to give myself structure, and if it takes signing up for a challenge, well, maybe it'll get me to the bar and improve the social life my roommate believes we both lack. (But I don't see anything lacking in having a tasty dinner at home on a Saturday night with your roommate, and honestly, S, I'll bet our conversations are more interesting than your dates'.)

So that's one project. Another batch (the UFOs) includes Bishop's armwarmers (they just need the hands, how hard could that be you might think? it involves calcumalations, I whine, plus I'm bored with them. but think of the poor boy and his cold arms. grr crk per-wickety drrp nrr. should have just done them on the knitting machine. with store bought yarn. purchased in "his" colors. now three dye batches later...) and (what's on the other side of that clause?) a second knee high machine-knit sock for me of which the first was very exciting but unfortunately I seem to be hit with secondsockitis with spinning/machine knitting just as with handknitting. Should have spun all the yarn at once then knitted them up one after the other before the post-trying-on letdown.

What else? Still need to finish washing Jamie's fleece and spin that up...think it will be a jacket for me. (yes, if you haven't noticed, I make most of my knitted items for me. that way I don't complain I'm taking too long.) Then there's the other alpaca fleeces it would be nice to spin up before the two merino-romney fleeces I just um ordered get here. Plus that would make room for the other alpaca fleeces I'm considering. And I'm planning another set of armwarmers for a trade. He requested hardwearing. I wonder if alpaca would qualify. Probably not. Kid mohair would be wonderful. Maybe I could do alpaca arms and blend in some mohair for the hands.

Stepping away from the spinning wheel (back away slowly, keep your hands where I can see them), this is the last week the Craft Center is open before break, so I'll be furiously (calmy, peacefully) weaving off some yardage in shadow weave, turning an ebony/redheart drop spindle, practicing glass sculpture technique. I worked on glass hands yesterday...made a 1/3 size hand with a hollow palm and solid fingers yesterday, also made three close to life-size hollow fingers in preparation for making a fully hollow hand, the only drawback being that I haven't been practicing with hollow form at all (of course not, solid sculpture is easier) so I need a bit more practice (ten years should do) on my hollow joins. Bishop shook his head at my ambition. "Why?"

That seems possible...a little woodturning, weaving and lampworking before quarter's end. I can bring the clay home with me for that project. And my screenprinting idea can wait til next quarter. Or I can do linoleum printing instead. Oh, I guess I'd better make some steel knitting needles this week too. (for the lace, ya know?)

But long self-absorbed rambles aside, I started writing with something in mind. Walked into my room to get something and there was Meep, asleep. On my pillow. Where he's not supposed to be. First it was that he had to sleep on my bed, then he had to have half the bed, then he needed more covers (under him and hence not on me) and now he needs my pillow too? Doesn't "my bed" contain a possessive linking it to me?


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