Thursday, June 01, 2006

not a petroleum-derived product

I mostly spin on my spinning wheel, but when not at home, I usually carry a drop spindle in case my hands need something to do, and knitting is not what they're itching for. I sometimes use a little drop spindle made out of a wooden hairstick and stone doughnut whorls, but I mostly use a CD spindle. Never felt it was such a sin, figured that it was somewhat ecological to reuse an AOL CD along with a recycled chopstick, rubber grommets and a screw hook. However, a friend this weekend shook his head in disapproval at my "petroleum-derived monstrosity" (maybe not his exact words) and claimed it sullied the natural fibers I spin with its contact. Although taken aback by the attack, I defended my recycled CD spindle. But like the pandering fool I am, I turned a wooden drop spindle on the lathe yesterday. Yes, a tree died so plastic would not touch my fuzz.
I'm happy with the spindle as a first attempt. It's been a while since I've turned anything and it took a sec to get back into it. But seems to have turned out ok. Not the longest spinning, I think it could have used a larger diameter whorl or one thicker on the edges. Purty though, isn't it?

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Anansi: Dangling by a Thread said...

Beautiful! You might find a top whorl spindle more satisfying in terms of ease of use, etc. Peace. Debra