Sunday, November 19, 2006

Pepos and front page news

It's a travesty...we're well into winter squash season and nary a mention of pepos. But they've not been neglected in the kitchen. True, the butternut squash I roasted yesterday went unused as I made savory cheese blintzes and eggplant/tomatillo/basil/chili blintzes for our potluck. However, we feasted on delicata squash grown and brought by Toussant, along with rice noodle stir-fry, green salad with persimmon and pomegranate, shredded carrot with dill and yogurt, tomato rice (with pine nuts, mmm), then apple turnovers and fuyu persimmons for dessert. Conversations ranged wide and free late into the night, but only the truely hardcore stayed for the ultimate highlight of the evening: Meep's grand entrance and subsequent adoration.

Meanwhile, the roasted butternut squash is waiting to be incorporated into squash waffles which successfully made from all local ingredients a short while back (using a rather bland tasting sugar pie pumpkin instead of the vastly superior butternut squash). Basically, mashed squash from Riverdog Farms, milk from Strauss, eggs from Sarah's farm, whole wheat flour from Full Belly Farm, baking powder (uh, we decided it was mineral and didn't count) and melted butter (Strauss). Topped with warmed local honey, how can you go wrong?

In other news, I'm sharing the front page of the Woodland Democrat with Saddam. He did beat me out for the top part of the page. But look--international news, national, state news and Kim spins! Oh, historic day.

Meanwhile, I'm preparing for the Useful Art show in Winters. Been dyeing, spinning (as evidenced by the Woodland Democrat) and knitting up hats.

Made some new knitting needles:

And I'm working on a series of pendants using my (non-skewered) figures. I made some new skewered ones too. Here's the first pendant.

Come to the opens December 2nd with a reception at 7pm and the gallery is open from 5-8 on Fridays, 3-8 on Saturdays, 11-2 on Sundays from December 2nd-29th at the Winters Center for the Arts, 31 Main Street, Winters, CA.


adore_one said...

Hi New here! I came to your post from craftster - thank you for posting about my question regarding a spinning wheel. I had to say hello because you are in davis. DH and I just moved to Boulder, CO from Folsom - wish I knew about your needles when I lived there they are amazing! I totally want a couple sets for christmas gifts!!!!

See you on craftster and in blogland :)

Holly Burnham said...

You are so talented. I truly enjoyed looking through your blog.......