Thursday, May 31, 2007

Eri moths

Another quickie. I just don't seem to be in a writing mood.
My eri moths started hatching a couple days ago. This is a male that emerged today. Click on the pictures to see them enlarged...he's truly beautiful.
Yes, I know I need to put lotion on my hands. And the other day, one of my clients commented "Wow that's a bad burn" while I was holding his cat. Actually none of my burns have scarred. Two of the three scars on my left hand are from frisbee. Not even ultimate just frisbee; we were tossing the disc around at the time and I ran for it and dived/tripped across a sidewalk that jumped out of the middle of nowhere. At least the third scar is from climbing which sounds a little tougher though I got it because my partner was being a silly boy.

And this is a little pouch I gave my mom for Mother's Day.

With my first (and only) piece from my jewelry making class this quarter.

Traded some spinning fiber for more walnut wood, so I'm starting on the fish for my wheel today. Now to feed those hungry Bombyx.

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