Thursday, May 17, 2007

I've been doing things in the last two months, really. Just haven't had time to take many pictures or write about it. Here's a quickie:

Finished the Cinderella gloves and pattern which will soon be published at the Purlescence site. Went snowshoeing to photograph them (ok that was a while ago). And I designed and am currently building a spinning wheel. Black walnut. Early sketch below--it's really going to be a double treadle sort-of-triple flyer wheel with the sort of being a spindle plus two flyers with accelerating/decelerating capabilities. (The flyers/bobbins aren't completely drawn in.) So far, it's going well with most of the framework close to done and just the drive wheel and various whorls/flyers to be made.

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loribird said...

Wow, you're building a wheel? Fantastic! It looks really cool so far!
Love the gloves as well - I'll have to check that pattern out!