Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Weaving away trying to get the old warp off so I can warp the door cloth. Fast and sloppy still, but I adjusted the dobby so it's working a little bit better. Here's the same "tie-up" as the previous post pic but tromp as writ:
After weaving off a bunch of the yardage above, I decided to change the pattern and discovered the magic of the mechanical dobby has already worn off on me. Spent a couple hours plotting an original overshot pattern and pegging the dobby bars. Ended up adjusting the pattern for a shorter repeat because I got tired of setting up the dobby bars. There are quite a few.
I downloaded the demo for PixeLoom and tried it out. My problem is that I'm horrible at decisions, especially expensive ones, and since there are a lot of different weaving programs out there, I feel like I should check them all out to make an informed decision. Probably most if not all of them would work perfectly fine for what I want to do (of course what that is, I don't know yet). I should just pick one and hand over the money so I can use the compudobby. And after pegging all those bars I think that might be sooner rather than later. At any rate, this is the overshot pattern I've been weaving. I love overshot!

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