Monday, October 01, 2007

A Cat and a Loom

Once upon a time, there was handsome young cat who, dissatisfied with the general state of things, decided to go exploring. First he climbed to the top of the tallest loom in the room.
Next he climbed down and gingerly made his way across the rickety suspension bridge of shafts.
Sitting safely on the far side, he surveyed the knots but could not figure out what the big deal was.
So he took a nap.
And did not bat a whisker or wiggle an ear at the curses of his person trying to work around him.
He lost his resting place as winding on the warp commenced. First the sunset colors of the painted warp paraded by.

They were followed by a spreading pool of blues and greens.

Dark greys, browns and greens brought up the tail and were ready to be matched with pale greys and dark greens and greys.

The weft yarns had been dried earlier on the line.

Still disappointed over having lost his last prime sleeping spot, our hero could not understand why his person would wish him to move from his newest discovered resting place.

It was just too comfy!

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