Thursday, September 25, 2008


Growing up, we planted flowers, not vegetables. Once we grew basil which was exciting. And another time five corn plants that grew up from the kernels my brother brought home from his elementary school classroom. Other than that I remember jasmine, pansies, sparaxis, columbines, portucula, impatiens cycling through our garden. My elementary school had a little garden and I remember planting radishes and carrots and being excited at the little seedlings, but at that time I hadn't discovered the delight of radish cake, so I wasn't quite sure what one did with radishes other than admire their color and shape. I love the idea of gardening, but my problem is that good intentions do not water plants. Luckily for the plants, Aaron's version of gardening does include watering and other diligent care.

In addition to feeding the local squirrels and gophers, Aaron's plot at the Experimental Garden has provided us with some beautiful veggies and good meals. Here he is with a couple pepos. (Remember my obsessive cooking of squash every week for the first fall/winter of this blog?)Recent feasts have included this spaghetti squash from the garden with homemade veggie filled tomato sauce...
And here's the buttercup squash cooked and mashed accompanied by some of Aaron's fast-growing bok choy stir-fried with rice:

Other recent treats (not necessarily from the garden):

Ricotta gnocchi with rosemary butter

Gluten-free buckwheat savory cheese blintzes

Christy's recipe for mac and cheese

Gluten-free tempura

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Mel said...

What beautiful produce! That's a great shot of Aaron. And the food! *gasp*!

I am jealous of your longer growing season. ;) Hopefully one day I'll have an enclosed porch or greenhouse so I can keep produce going... in the meanwhile, I will ogle your post.

Miss you!