Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stitches West is coming, 2/27-3/1 in Santa Clara

In my last post, I showed off a bunch of my knitting needles which will be sold at Stitches West. For the first time in a while, I'm spinning yarn for sale as well (I've been mostly spinning for myself for the last few years).

I spent a sunny day carding up batts on our porch. Scrapper was curious but kept a respectful distance.
Meep thought he could best help by sitting between me and the drum carder.This batt:
was spun into this:which was plied with a red thread and red beads with a soft overlay of pygora to become "Snowberries"
Other battswere used to make yarns such as "Felice"
and "Mardi Gras"I combined a crazy batt singles yarn with a thick and thin hand-dyed blue-faced leicester singles in shades of blues as well as glass beads, fabric, and tufts tied from hand-dyed cotton yarn left over from weaving to make "Seadebris"
Some other yarns..."Sallee"--kid mohair
"Pele"--soysilk, cotton
See my website for more yarns...and if you're in California, come visit me at the Urban Fauna
Studio booth at Stitches...I'll be there Friday and my stuff will be there all weekend...

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