Friday, March 13, 2009


It was my birthday last week.Victoria made an amazing ice-cream cake.
'Twas delicious.

Aaron surprised me by having my old thrift shop Singer sewing machine restored. I bought it at a thrift store a while back but could never get it to work. He took it to a proper sewing machine repair place (the guys there said Aaron's a keeper) and now it works beautifully and looks gorgeous too. They said it was made in 1947.My mother got me a cute new bathing suit just in time for our upcoming trip to Florida for Victoria's wedding. Here's a photo of me in cuter bikini days:

Steven and Anne sent along a whole package of fun stuff including an adorable little black dress, a gorgeous photo book of Monterey and a dog-narrated mystery novel that I can read on my upcoming train ride up from there. Steve has been requesting more food pics. Here you go bro: Eggs (from Sadie, foreground, and Ariel, background) on toast (sourdough flaxseed bread made from Danny's starter)
Dutch baby (basically a giant popover)--one of my favorite comfort foods.

Roast chicken over root vegetables

Stuffed squash--buttercup squash from Aaron's garden

I've also been getting squash every time I've gone down to Urban Fauna Studio in San Francisco. They get fiber from local farms as much as possible, and one of the farmers gave them a bunch of squash which decorated the windowsill for a while. Although wonderful folks in every other way, Jamie and Blas are apparently not squash eaters, so first a couple then a few more squash worked their way home to my belly. They finally ran out of squash, so there were no beautiful pepo when I went down to Stitches, but it was still a lot of fun.

I finished my art yarn scarf on the train. My goal was to use the short bits of novelty yarn I'd made in Camp Pluckyfluff in January. I used Debbie New's "scribble lace" idea to knit a lengthwise scarf with rows of the art yarns interspersed between rows of thin loosely knit 20/2 weaving wool. The only problem was calculating gauge since this stretches so much in each direction...I guessed and lost track of my cast-on so added more stitches with the resulting scarf ending up twice as long as a looooong scarf. And each thick stripe took 11 yards so if I made a normal length scarf it would maybe take 6 yards per stripe for 7 stripes total...only 42 yards...great project for small skeins of yarn.
The hat is unfortunately not very visible, but it's my crazy hat knit from my flowering vines yarn that I spun up in January. This is my wildest yarn so far, and it was so much fun to make.Other photos of Urban Fauna Studio's booth at Stitches:
Jamie's on the left, Blas at the right and the wall of handspun at the back. Urban Fauna Studio is fantastic in stocking fiber supplies from lots of indie artists. I haven't heard how much sold yet, but my favorite handspun yarns all sold the Friday I was there.

Another can see my knitting needles in the foreground, some of Jamie's hand-dyed yarns and roving to the right and the SpinOlution Bee in the middle (a fantastic new travel wheel by the makers of the Mach 1--very innovative accelerating wheel, folds up small enough to fit under an airline seat).

I'd hoped to finish my spinning wheel by my birthday, but it still has a little work left and it wasn't worth rushing it to finish by an arbitrary date. Here it is so far:
I'd also hoped to finish a long-term glass sculpture on my birthday but that didn't happen either. Need to work on my welding technique (there's a little metal working involved in the framework). In lieu of a large 32nd birthday sculpture, here's a little sculpture I made recently for Carol who, unlike my artist friends telling me to go bigger, encourages the making of small things:

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