Monday, May 09, 2011

Whole Earth and Monterey

Busy weekend, starting with the Whole Earth Festival in Davis. We caught some good music, including Random Abiladeze. I first met him when he briefly joined up with our hip hop band Soul Remnants about 6 years ago.

Then (a graphic I did from a photograph of one of our shows):and now:Yumi and Betta made an amazing dinner of gnocchi, salad and tiramisu as a N St community meal and brought it out to the festival. It was fun to picnic with a bunch of friends.

I spent some time at the festival on Saturday as well before heading down to Monterey for a quick visit and lots of eating. In 24 hours, we had Thai food in Pacific Grove at Pacific Thai Cuisine and Oaxacan food at La Tortuga Torteria in Seaside, then made risotto for dinner at Aaron and Bronwyn's swanky new house in the hills.

I got to see Laura and Yazu's beautiful new place and meet their resident feline.

Since it had been a while since I'd been down, Aaron took me to the beach.
It was a beautiful day, big waves...and sweet tidepools...

Some of the seaweed was beautifully iridescent, though that was hard to catch in photographs.We found starfish both in...

...and out of the water.We found little crabs...
...and bigger crabs.
Lots of sea anemones...

Lots and lots.
Even the iceplants were gorgeous.

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