Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Point Reyes weekend

I'm kinda bad at keeping up with things. And I take tons of photos, but then have to go through them and pick out the best ones, adjust contrast, etc...and then it's a week later and I'm on to something different. But in the interest of trying to do one blog post every few months...

My weekend started off with a stint at the Yolo County Fair in Woodland. My band played a looong set. Usually we play 50 minute sets then take a break and do 3 sets in all, but since we only had an hour and a half, we played all the way through. It was fun even though my fingers made themselves blisters then ripped right through them. I'd have better calluses by now if they didn't keep peeling off.

Dropped the bass off at home and took off for Point Reyes to see two of my favorite local bands, Miss Lonely Hearts and West Nile Ramblers. They played a great show with so much energy that even the pool players were dancing. The two bands alternated...each playing a few songs, with quick switches in between. Afterwards, we camped out on the town baseball diamond and had a slow morning with towel filtered coffee and kickball.

Charlie and I checked out the farmer's market and feasted on an amazing grilled cheese sandwich from GBD and oysters while listening to Too Hot, a guitar/bass female duo. Then we parted ways with Wyatt and friends to poke around the thrift store. Found a great enamel pot for solar dyeing at a much cheaper price than the Davis/Dixon thrift stores. Point Reyes Books proved a dangerous place as I picked up The Penland Book of Glass, books on Peruvian textiles and jewelry smithing and a book of feminist fairy tales with short stories by notable writers such as Margaret Atwood and Jane Yolen.

After comparing the grill stand's Hawaiian burger to their blue cheese burger (both excellent, but the Hawaiian was amazing), we extricated ourselves from town and headed off to the ocean. Finally, photos:
The beach was beautiful if foggy and cold.
The water was really really cold. Still, there were tidepools to explore.
And really cute hermit crabs.
But nothing was as cute as this guy on the path down to the beach.
I fell in love. Charlie was very patient.
Lots of bigger wildlife as well. Deer blending into the hillside.

An owl blending in too.
The highlight was perhaps the first thing we stopped to photograph...a herd of elk.
It was very foggy so difficult to get good photos, but wonderful to watch. There were quite a few elk. In one of the groups, there was a large male bugling and charging at another male on the periphery. With the dusky lighting and all the fog, it was a magical sight.

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