Friday, April 13, 2012

Birthday fun

It's been over a month since I turned...older. Just haven't gotten my photos together until now.

On my birthday weekend, I visited Aaron in Monterey. The weather was beautiful and we biked out along the Monterey Peninsula trail to the REI in Marina (hey, there are worse destinations).

We stopped at Fort Ord and checked out the abandoned barracks.

Stopped by REI since who can resist, then biked over to Seaside where we ate at Tortuga, a tasty tasty Oaxacan restaurant. With no bike racks in sight, Aaron rigged up the bikes with chairs to thwart any would be thieves.

We had an amazing tlayuda. We were so hungry we didn't take a picture of its beautiful presentation before we dug in.

BBQ that night, with more amazing food.

On my birthday morning, I got to do my favorite bike ride around Monterey, basically going along the coast into the 17 mile drive (see previous post).

After his drum class, Aaron rejoined me and we went for a little walk. Found a bolete.


Aaron, always the soil scientist.
lots of stairs
 Beautiful trees towards the top:

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