Saturday, April 14, 2012

Birthday pork chops

Dave must be one of my favorite names because I seem to collect friends named Dave. One of my Dave friends is Climbing Dave, or Bitter Dave, or Dave Provider of Chalk and Food. Dave Provider of Chalk and Food is also known as Awesome Dave as evidenced below.
Exhibit A: pork chops from the two different farms at the Farmer's Market
 Awesome Dave got Yumi and I a pair of pork chops for our birthdays with the stipulation that we had to cook/eat them together so we could compare them. Accordingly, we planned to cook a feast together.

The first step was making risotto.  Cooked the onions and butter then started browning the rice.

 Added broth and mushrooms and asparagus.

And of course couldn't forget the bacon (from Bledsoe Farms in Capay Valley)

 For vegetables we stir-fried brussels sprouts and green beans.

We browned the pork chops then baked them simply with salt, pepper and olive oil.
Sitting down to dinner. Photo by Charlie who provided appetizers and joined us in the feast.
And the plate:

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Yumiko Henneberry said...

Oh man, I'm drooling remembering that food feast. Um YUM.