Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I adore little tastes of things. Some of my go-to recipes for bringing to parties are cream puffs, Brazilian cheese puffs, romano bread puffs and sesame balls. I've made lumpia and potstickers and such before, but am so excited about my newest cookbook purchase, Asian Dumplings by Andrea Nguyen. I've been craving dumplings since it arrived and treated myself to an order of dumplings from The Dumpling House Saturday night. They were tasty, but didn't curb my desire for dumplings. Fortunately I found friends to make dumplings with me Sunday night.

We were busy cooking then eating, so I didn't take many pictures but here are a few.

The dangerous dumpling dames:

Nefarious nibblers:

The goods: steamed vegetable dumplings

The steamed vegetable dumpling filling was amazing. Tofu, shitakes, carrots, leeks, ginger.
We also made pork cheek bacon dumplings with the same wheat dough skins and used the steamed vegetable filling in some wonderfully gooey glutinous rice flour balls. Those were amazingly tasty and photogenic too, but I was too busy eating to photograph them.

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