Thursday, April 30, 2009


My housemate Victoria got married

and we went to her wedding in Florida

where we relaxed on the beach

and played in the waves.

My sadness at losing Victoria to Colorado and her husband Adam was slightly assuaged by my new housemate Paige and her brioche.

Meanwhile Aaron got a job in Salinas that was too good to pass up. We found a little house in Spreckels, the old company town for Spreckels sugar.

I still can't tear myself away from Davis, so I moved into the smallest room of my house and am staying there while I work and going to Spreckels when I'm not working. Hopefully once things settle down, I can go back and forth by train. My other new housemate besides Paige is Brian who coincidentally also has much baking/cooking experience. I swear I didn't pick them based on my belly, but we have had some good meals together already. Like this sandwich:

I've been experimenting with making chili/tomato/paprika sourdough bread. Tried to dye it pink with beets. Unfortunately the color faded to orange in the oven, but before baking it was a brilliant pink.
Last week was the first time I got to spend much time at the Spreckels house. I set up my looms and started weaving silk yardage on my 8 harness Schacht after a long period of neglect.

We introduced Meep to the house and yard. He wasn't quite sure about the whole thing.

The chickens weren't as concerned. The new garden has tons of earwigs and sowbugs. Yummy!

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